Tips from the Experts

Have you ever found it challenging to keep your kitchen clean and orderly? Sometimes life takes over, leaving little time for organizing to occur. Although an organized kitchen or pantry isn’t always accomplished overnight, there are some simple tips you can follow to help ease into the process: 

1. Designate cabinets for specific items.

This will make finding things that much easier when you’re in a hurry. 

2. Include baskets and drawers in your pantry.

Wire baskets let you see what’s inside, and drawers help keep items organized. The smooth glides extend fully for easy access. 

3. Place all related things together.

For example, keep all spices, baking goods, snacks, cleaning supplies, and other random items together in their particular groups. Label the containers. 

4. Keep pantry items visual for quick inventory.

Sort by food type and turn food labels outward, allowing you to see what you have before heading to the grocery store. Always use a grocery list! 

5. Place frequently used items where they can be easily accessed.

Place pots, pans and hot pads next to the stove and oven, and silverware next to the dishwasher.

5 Pantry Organization Tips

4 Entryway & Mudroom Tips

The mudroom, entryway, vestibule, drop-spot – whatever you want to call it – is a popular place for clutter to collect. It’s the first area you see upon entering the house and the last place you stop before leaving. No matter how large or small your space is, or whether it’s located in the front of the house, the garage, beside the kitchen, or near the backdoor – you can prepare your space for an organizational makeover by following these simple steps. 

1. Remove unnecessary items
Reduce visual clutter and gain more space by removing items you rarely use, that are off-season, or that are creating clutter. This includes the piece of mail sitting on the console that’s never made it to the recycling bin, and the pair of shoes that are worn only on occasion. Sort them in four boxes: belongs elsewhere, give away or sell, not ready to get rid of, and trash. 

​2. Organize
There isn’t a right or wrong system to abide by since entryway organization is a reflection of the family who lives in the home. People have different habits. For example, some people drop their mail by the door while others open it at the kitchen counter. Either way, coat hooks, cubbies, and baskets are the key. Use these to organize your mail or keys and to keep coats and bags off the floor. If something has a specific storage place, it’s less likely to end up missing or strewn across the floor. 

​3. Prevent shoe pile-ups
​Does your family’s everyday shoes always seem to end up cluttering the entryway? Prevent pile-ups with smart designed shoe storage in your home's highest traffic area. An organizing system with shelves and drawers provide handy access and temporary storage until the shoes make it back to their home in the closet. Include a bench in your entryway providing a convenient place to sit and shed shoes.

4. Decorate
Now for the fun part! Find a unique umbrella stand at a thrift shop, hang a large decorative mirror, prop a cute pillow on your boot bench, or display a print from your favorite photographer or a child’s masterpiece. Looking for a splash of color? Add a fresh coat of paint to deprived walls.
Most of us might not look forward to laundry day, but a well-designed space dedicated to the chore can cut down the amount of time you spend washing, drying and folding. You can save time and money with a clean and efficient laundry room. Here are 6 essential tips for improving your laundry room: 

Tip 1: Get organized
Since laundry rooms are usually small in size, custom DIY storage system from companies like OHO will help you find a place for everything. 

Tip 2: Use your walls
Don't forget that your walls can provide plenty of additional storage area in your laundry room: Hang open shelves and racks to reduce clutter and free up space for folding. 

Tip 3: Label your bins
Designate a bin for each member of your family, so sorting clothes and emptying the dryer will be a snap. 

Tip 4: Go Green
If your washer and dryer aren't Energy Star-qualified, we recommend that you upgrade your models. Not only will they cut down your electricity and water bill significantly, they're gentler on your clothes. According to the experts, your water savings alone could fill three backyard swimming pools. 

Tip 5: Brighten Up
​Laundry rooms often lack natural light, so paint the space a sunny color. Light Blue/Green makes a cheery choice. You may consider to change your light bulbs to more bright ones! Tip 6: Protect Your FloorsWet items will warp wood while concrete can be cold and industrial looking. Consider using porcelain tiles which are durable and water-resistant, and are less likely to become slippery when wet.

Six Essential Tips for Improving

Your Laundry Room