Dear Roula, Thank you so much for all you did to help me organize my home. I couldn't have done it without you. When we started the project I thought that you would just come in and tell me how to organize myself. What I did not expect is that you actually made me rethink why I was keeping things I no longer needed. I am now applying these methods to all my organizing decisions. My home feels so much better now that all the clutter is gone. I can't believe the difference! Thanks a million!  


- Cathy D, Winter Park, FL  
- Mary L, Orlando, FL 

Roula organized my closet, my craft room and my office. She is the BEST! Gently, yet firmly she helped me to realize what things didn't belong where they were found, and helped me find better ways to keep what I wanted and suggested methods of letting go of the things I no longer 'had to have.' And then she taught me how to keep it up!! Truly a Professional and a very caring person. Roula is the Best!!  
- Susan M, Orlando, FL 
I've probably looked at hundreds of organizing websites and never come across anything as practical as Orlando Home Organizing. My home has been transformed into the most organized, peaceful, restful haven. I can't wait for our next session.  

Roula speaks to the organizational need from the inside out... Inside your head and heart, out to your walk in closet. She is gentle, gifted, and resolved to help you help yourself. Keep up the excellent work, Roula. 

- Anna L, Orlando, FL 

Roula is a Gem to work with... She helped me with my closet, talk about personal stuff in there... She helped me with it all... What a gift she has. Thanks Roula.  

- Peggy S, Longwood, FL 
My home office was such a mess it wasn't even functional. I hired Roula and she came in while I was on vacation. When I came home I just couldn't believe the difference! All the clutter was gone. I never would have been able to tackle this project on my own. Hiring Roula was such an easy solution and a big blessing in my life. 

- Steve J, Clermont, FL 

- Tammy S, Winter Park, FL 

Thank you very much Roula! Before you helped me, my living space was a mess! Because of your expertise, you gave me many ideas about organizing. Together, you and I changed my messy living space into a beautiful living area where I can find my valuables. Through this experience, I am able to enjoy my living space without feeling overwhelmed. You are the best!